About Us

We want to create an awareness for people to know where their food comes from and the story behind it before it reaches their plate. We specialize in Halal, and Allergy Friendly Cuisine.

All of our products are made with the finest of ingredients and prepared in a certified commercial kitchen by trained professionals. Our meats are certified Zahbiha Halal. All vegetables, and grains are locally sourced and organic when available..

In addition to our award winning products, we offer a variety of services and programs: All Occasion Halal Catering, Personal Chef, Meal Prep, Cooking Demonstrations and Lessons, Summer Camp, etc. />

Our Team

Chef Jamela B

Chef and Culinary Arts Instructor

My story isn't your traditional Chef's story; but one that is all too familiar. I am an African American Muslim
Women from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My formal training is in Elementary Education and Graphic
Design/Marketing. I was a Freelance Graphic Designer for 15+ years. I have always had an interest in creativity
and helping others. Working as a Graphic Designer fulfilled this interest, but I always yearned for more.
In 2008 I was hired by a local Chef to develop their brand and marketing strategy for a new restaurant they were
opening. This client changed my life! While developing their brand, I got the opportunity to work closely with the
chef and here is where my passion for food emerged. I was familiar with being creative in the kitchen because
my oldest son has seven food allergies, so I was used to making food exciting. But this exposure awakened a
spark and talent that I wasn't aware I had. The job I was hired for didn't extend more than a few months; but my
new found passion in food kept me there for more than 10 years. I worked side by side with the chef and
eventually branched off to form my own brand. I now have a full service catering/meal prep company and I teach
Culinary Arts to children. There isn't a day of the year where I don't like my job. The best job is a job that
doesn't feel like a job at all. I have found my purpose and I am just getting started! I am looking forward to
working with you and your children.